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Marry’s Story


Kanam B in West Karachuonyo Homa Bay County provides a viable spot for all types of businesses and it is for this reason Marry Anyango started  her fish business there in 1990.

Before this, Marry was a house wife  but chose to close venture into fish bussiness to assist her late husband and family.‘Mama Ken’ as she is known at the beach, gets to the beach by 8am already armed with her  carrier ‘basin’ to get fish from fishermen taht she later transport to homa bay pier.“I always report early since I rush and get the best catch from ‘janam’ and then transport them to PIer by water,” she says.

On a good day, Marry makes up to Sh800 shillings before deducting all her expenses. This amount falls to Sh400 on what she considers a bad business day. All in all, What Mama Ken earns is little given that she takes care of everything at home.Her trade is highly competitive due to the number of traders also engaged in the same business  this  worries her alot.“I have learned to interact with my clients well and this has seen me a realiable, steady customer base,” she says.Mama Ken works 14 hours a day, six days a week and only takes a break on Sunday so as to join fellow worshiper.She is a woman determined to give her five children, and another four she is taking care of, the most powerful weapon: Good quality education.“ Mama Ken confessed she would be a chhery mother if she can get a break through of owning either a group or individual  boat, ‘in our beach, we are ten women very vocal and energetic, we are ready to row boat even cast a fishing net, or  a fish pond which will supplement the dwindling catch.

I thank WA-WA for giving me this chance to explore my bussiness and skills by training me in confidence and team work. we will soon own one fish pond courtesy of WA-WA’.