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Our donors and Development partners


We celebrate kanthari international for offering a 8 months training course in project management and leadership which sparked the founder and Director at WA-WA Kenya to act and challenge social injustices that are faced by women and the youth in Kenya.

‘A small Chilli Can Make a Huge difference’

Both County and National government are offering key technicians who are important in our day to day activities, we work together for sustainability of our programs as we strengthen the existing institutions in empowering women and the youth

Thorsten Saller

Thorsten Saller

During End Sex For Fish presentation at Bungalore-India, Thorsten and Family donated 1000 US Dollars to train a batch of 10 women as our pilot project,His wife donated tampons and washable sanitary napkins for the neediest girls as well , from our interactions, this noble family is up to task to ensure  women and the youth are living in safe spaces around the world.